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Leila Balderama 
Travel Planner

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I am originally from Philippines and currently living in London. 


After working in a hotel industry for a decade and have extensive customer service experience I have decided to switch my career to travel and joined the Travology Academy and Travology Travel.


Having passion to travel and seeing the other side of the world is what I’ve enjoyed the most. I have travelled to most parts of Europe and travelled extensively around the world and making wonderful memories and being lucky enough to experience unique places with amazing history. I tend to buy a small souvenir to carry home with me as a memory of the places I've visited.

Now, Venturing myself as real travel planner is what I was dreaming of and I’m ready to show you the meaning of what best life means. 

I am super excited in showcasing to you the best holidays and sharing my travel knowledge, you deserve the best. 


As your journey begins with me, I'm here to help you making your travel plans run smooth and as easy as it can be. 





El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan

Leila xx