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Changes to cabin baggage rules from June 2024

The Government has confirmed new rules are coming in to effect which means that airport passengers won’t be limited to carrying a maximum of 100ml of liquid and won’t have to remove large electronics from hand luggage.

The Government has set a deadline of June 2024 for major UK airports to install new security technology. In addition, the 100ml container limit will be extended to 2 litres.

Most major airports are to roll out the new security technology over the course of the next year, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said, and major airports across the UK will have the tech installed by the June 2024 dates.

According to reports, ‘major airports’ include the likes of Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham, although the Government has not provided a list.

How’s it possible?

Trials have been conducted at some airports since 2018, using CT X-ray technology to provide a 3D image of what’s in passengers’ bags, as well as deploying highly advanced threat detection algorithms.

What difference will it make?

The Government says it will mean ‘greater convenience for travellers – as people will no longer need to spend time taking items out of their bags – but it will also enhance passenger safety, as security staff will have more detailed images of what people are carrying’.

Until then?

Follow the existing rules, which are that passengers must remove tablets, laptops and liquids from their cabin baggage, while liquids must be in a clear plastic bag. Don’t forget – it’s one clear plastic bag per passenger.

What about other destinations?

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was the first European airport to introduce the new technology, 18 months ago. Shannon Airport also has the screening technology and it’s also already used in several US airports.

The Government advises people ‘should check with their specific airport before travelling to see which rules are in place’.  

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